Highly Dynamic, Flexible and Easy-To-Use Cloud Foodservice Software


Reducing Food Costs.

Eliminate overproduction by scaling recipes to production quantities based on actual resident selections or forecasting. With RDS reduce food waste by eliminating overproduction and preventing disliked food items from being served. Additional foodservice software features help manage ingredient costs providing critical recipe and menu costing information such as Price per Resident Day (PRD). Quickly generate menu purchasing requirements to calculate the amount of each item to order based upon menu needs, resident selections and forecasting.

Increasing Labor Efficiency.

The RDS suite of foodservice software solutions reduces the amount of time spent managing and sorting hand written tray cards, tray tickets and nourishment labels as well as the time spent tallying menu selections and manually scaling recipes and their ingredients to accurate quantities. Comprehensive features streamline communication between the individual obtaining resident selections and back-of-the-house foodservice operations while production reports such as pull/thaw sheets, menu scaled recipes and purchasing lists streamline operations.

Engaging Staff with Technology.

RDS automates repetitive manual tasks enabling employees to have more time to work on meaningful projects such as interacting and caring for residents. Spend less time behind a computer and more time on resident facing responsibilites to deliver a personal and high quality hospitality experience. Technology increases staff flexibility and mobility leading to heightened staff morale and engagement. By training staff on new foodservice software it demonstrates an investment in employee development and longevity.


The RDS suite of solutions deliver to the demands of senior living communities focusing on reducing operating expenses and increasing operational efficiency while also meeting the reality of changing resident demands for technology, choice and flexibility. RDS applications and modules are fully integrated providing a highly customized and community-centric software package.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Resident Dining Records
  • Mobile Point of Service with Kitchen Ticket Printing
  • Optimized Recipe Building and Scaling
  • Flexible Menu Planning for Community Defined Therapeutic and Modified Diets
  • Streamlined and Automated Cycle Menu Management
  • Autonomous Item Management and Purchasing Options
  • Powerful Nutrient Analysis and Costing
  • Integrated Production and Operational Management
  • Intelligent and Custom Reporting
  • Centralization for Multi-Site Organizations