Food Service System for Senior Living

Tailored Dining Solutions for Your Senior Living Community

Food service is a crucial feature of any senior living community, as it directly impacts the nutrition and overall well-being of residents. Unique challenges can affect the quality and efficiency of dining within senior living operators which is something our dining management solutions are created to solve.

Senior Living Operators Are Often Challenged With:

1. Dietary Restrictions and Specialized Diets:

Patients often have diverse dietary needs due to medical conditions or religious, cultural, and personal preferences. Meeting these specific requirements while maintaining nutritional adequacy can be challenging.

2. Budget Constraints:

Senior living operators often have limited budgets for food service. Balancing cost-efficiency with providing nutritious, high-quality meals can be a significant hurdle.

3. Food Safety and Sanitation:

Ensuring the safety and sanitation of food is paramount in senior living settings to prevent foodborne illnesses, particularly in residents with compromised immune systems.

4. Menu Variety and Nutritional Value:

Creating menus that are both nutritionally balanced and appealing to residents can be difficult. Striking the right balance between taste, nutrition, and presentation is crucial.

5. Waste Management:

Managing food waste while ensuring that residents receive adequate nutrition can be a delicate task. Overproduction and improper portioning can contribute to excess waste.

Our Dining Management Solutions Can Support These Challenges With…

1. Personalized Resident Meals:

We have solutions that capture resident preferences and dietary needs to ensure residents receive appropriate nutrition while respecting their likes, dislikes, and restrictions.

2. Strategic Procurement and Inventory Management:

Robust procurement and inventory management features help to reduce food costs without compromising quality.

3. Enterprise Reporting:

With enterprise reporting, important decisions can be made confidently and easily. With two-way data exchange, reports can be quickly generated to show up-to-date top-level information or a detailed breakdown.

Cashless Payments Solution for Senior Living Operators

Easy to Use Point of Sale System

Web Ordering Solution

Meal Plan Management

Take Food Service to the Next Level with Common CENTS

Embrace a world where nutrition meets budgeting and best-in-class meals and where every resident and guest dines with joy and satisfaction.

Let’s partner together to make your senior living community a benchmark of excellence in food service.