Cashless Payments Solution for Senior Living Operators

GEMliving is our senior living specific solution that makes it easy to manage and administer meal plans. With cashless payments available, residents can easily purchase their meals with their dining plans and track their balance.

GEMliving eliminates the need for cash by allowing residents to conveniently pay for purchases using their resident card or ID number.

Ways to use GEMliving

  • Resident Stipends
  • Gift Cards
  • Declining Balances
  • Recurring Charges

Features & Benefits

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    CASHLESS PAYMENTS gives residents the option and convenience to pay for their order using their resident card, ID number, or room number.

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    CUSTOMIZABLE FIELDS lets you set up the system to show the details you want to see, such as balance, resident room number, allergies, notes, and more.

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    MULTI-LEVEL CONTROLS allow multiple levels of order limits, such as monthly limit, daily limit, or transaction limit.

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    MOBILE APP lets residents check their balance and transaction history to remove that task from administrative staff.

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    DETAILED REPORTS can be easily generated to show information such as balance, transactions, resident details, and more across different periods of times and profiles.