Easy to Use Point of Sale System

Enterprise Cloud Management, Reporting, and Self-Service Kiosk.

GEMpos Point of Sale is a cloud-based solution offering robust POS functionality and inventory control with enterprise management and reporting backend. Cloud data storage and management keeps the operational backend agile and accessible from anywhere while lowering the IT infrastructure footprint by removing local server hardware and storage.

Smart, Cost-Effective Dining Solutions

Streamline Operations and Empower Staff

  • Reduce unnecessary staffing costs
  • Self-service kiosks for consumer self-checkout and ordering
  • Streamline processes in the front & back of the house while maintaining quality
  • Boost employee morale by offering cashless ways to enjoy meals through payroll & department deductions
  • Robust, customizable reporting to make informed decisions & faster problem-solving
  • Easily monitor inventory levels & sales to avoid excess waste

GEMpos Can Help Take Your Food Service to the Next Level

Increase Consumer Satisfaction
Self-service kiosks show a consumer preferential use rate at over 60% when located with conventional manned checkouts.

Reduce Wait Time
49.4% of customers state they feel the experience is faster with self-checkout; 34.7% prefer kiosks due to shorter lines.

Expand Payment Options
78% of Americans prefer some type of digital payment, such as mobile ordering, self-service kiosks, payroll deduction/account balance

Keep Staff & Patrons Healthy
65% of consumers feel digital/contactless transactions lead to healthier and safer transactions.

Features & Benefits

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    SELF-SERVICE KIOSKS reduces staffing costs by allowing customers to self-order and pay.

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    MOBILE ORDERING improves kitchen turnaround times and provides customers with a convenient way to schedule and pay for pickup orders.

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    ADVANCED SEARCH feature reduces time spent looking up items with its ‘search by name’ functionality.

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    CLOUD-BASED data management and storage reduces IT infrastructure costs.

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    ENTERPRISE REPORTING helps your team make data-driven decisions by showing detailed information across multiple locations.

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    MANAGED SUPPORT by our team of experienced experts means fast and friendly customer service.

Elevate Your Dining Experience with GEMpos

GEMpos helped us determine where we were wasting time and inventory. Profits and efficiency are up!

– Marcy B.

You can take your facility to the next level too. Are you ready to transform your food service operations into a seamless, efficient, and satisfying experience for both staff and patrons? GEMpos is your answer. With our advanced Point of Sale system, cloud management, and self-service kiosk solutions, managing your dining services has never been easier or more efficient.