In-Room Patient Dining Software

GEMserve is a patient dining solution that adopts best practices from the hospitality industry to streamline the ordering, production, and delivery of patient meals. The primary objectives of GEMserve are to enhance patient satisfaction, reduce waste, and increase quality assurance.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

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    Treat Patients Like Hotel Guests

    By treating patients with the same level of attentiveness as hotel guests, GEMserve aims to make them feel special and tended to during their stay.

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    Serve Patients What They Want

    Providing patients with meal options they desire not only improves nourishment and recovery but also contributes to overall patient satisfaction.


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    Improve Patient Perceptions

    A more attentive dietary staff enhances patient perceptions and their overall experience during their hospital stay.

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    Focus On Better Patient Care

    By eliminating the need for nurses to distribute meals, they can allocate more time and attention to delivering superior patient care.

GEMserve Reduces Waste:

  • Reduces the cost of a patient tray by up to 25%.
  • Eliminates lost, wasted, and duplicate trays by utilizing room service.
  • Reduces plate waste by catering to patient menu requests.
  • Streamlines inventory requirements by utilizing a “Popular Foods” report.
  • Maximizes kitchen and delivery efficiency by organizing orders in waves.

Experience Top-Quality Assurance and Patient Safety

  • Touch screen POS terminals facilitate fast and accurate patient orders.
  • Order screens only allow diet-compliant menu choices.
  • Automatic alerts display nutrient and allergen information.
  • Customizable safety alerts are integrated into the tray ticket.
  • Kitchen displays prevent lost or misplaced orders, ensuring a quick turnaround time and maintaining patient safety.

A Five-Star Experience with GEMserve

Join us in setting a new standard for patient satisfaction, safety, and operational efficiency.

Make the choice that benefits your patients, your staff, and your bottom line. Embrace the future of hospital dining with GEMserve.

Request a demo today and witness firsthand how GEMserve is revolutionizing in-room patient dining.