About Us

Making life better for our customers and theirs.

Our History

Since 1984, Common CENTS™ Solutions has had the same overriding goal—to offer hospitality management products and services that help healthcare facilities and senior living operators serve their customers better. In fact, “Making life better for our customers and theirs,” is our mission statement, and it’s how we measure our success.

In 2009, Common CENTS Solution became part of the Jonas Software Foodservice Group which was a driving force in our growth. In 2021, we acquired ITWERCS which allowed us to offer our own point of sale software. Additionally, we purchased MonarqRC to expand our resident dining management offerings.

Our Present

Today we offer a suite of dining management solutions primarily for healthcare facilities and senior living operators because of our extensive experience working with those industries. Our dedication to learning their needs and wants in their dining operations help us to develop innovative solutions that continuously evolve with their business. We take a personalized approach in helping our customers transform their dining operations because we don’t believe in a one-size fits all system or business model.

Our Future

As the world changes the way businesses operate, we’re always ready to create solutions that make an impact. We believe in our products and, more importantly, our people. Our employees are the stars who share a passion to deliver exceptional products and services; they are the force behind our success and with such a team, our future is bright.