Cashless Payments Solution

In today’s fast-paced healthcare environment, convenience and efficiency are not just perks; they are necessities. GEMpay offers your employees a convenient way to pay and track their purchases at your retail shops by using their ID badge or employee number.

Say goodbye to the hassle of cash and hello to a streamlined, secure, and swift payment process.

Join the multitude of healthcare providers who are stepping into the future of payroll deduction with GEMpay.

Unlock Endless Possibilities

GEMpay – Revolutionizing Transaction Management in Healthcare

Ways of using GEMpay

  • Employee Payroll Deduction

  • Department Charges

  • Doctor Billings

  • Gift Cards

  • Volunteer Perks

  • Payments Over Time

  • Declining Balances

  • Recurring Charges

Maximize Break Times: Even During Peak Hours

GEMpay significantly speeds up the checkout process, allowing employees to enjoy their much-deserved break and reducing mealtime concerns during busy periods.

Dr. Smith has a 30-minute break.

He heads to the cafeteria for a snack where he grabs a fruit cup and bottle of water.

Oh no! He forgot his wallet and badge.

The cashier quickly & easily looks up Dr. Smith’s badge ID to pay through payroll deduction.

Dr. Smith has 25 minutes left.

He’s glad he didn’t need to go back for his wallet or waste time checking out.

Why Employees Love GEMpay

  • Cashless payment options eliminate the need to carry cash or credit cards.
  • Badge pay and payroll deduct options reduce opportunities for theft and unauthorized charges.
  • Cashless checkout is twice as fast as a cash payment.
  • Spending limits encourage healthy spending habits.
  • Time-pay feature allows payments over time.
  • Connects to myGEMconnect app to show clear transaction history and balance.
  • Easy account look-up reduces stress for “lost badge” or “forgotten wallet” moments.

Why Management Loves GEMpay

  • Gift card option promotes use of retail facilities and encourages repeat visits.
  • Payroll withholdings improve the organization’s internal cash flow.
  • Browser-based application simplifies administration, support and expansion.
  • Easy-to-generate reports show account-level information.
  • Payroll deduction can be set up to allow employee purchasing at multiple locations.
  • Secure file transfer from HR/payroll system eliminates manual tracking of employee spend.

Make the Smart Switch to GEMpay

Just ask Dr. Smith – with GEMpay, he turned what could have been a lost-break scenario into extra minutes of relaxation, thanks to our quick and easy payment solutions.

In the dynamic world of healthcare, every minute counts.

Transform your facility’s transaction experience and give your staff the convenience they deserve.

Contact us today for a demo.