Mobile Ordering & Account Management

With the myGEMconnect app, your employees can to easily see the balance of their payroll deduction account, review their purchase history, and email digital receipts. Facilities with GEM2go can also allow employees to place mobile orders.

Put Seamless Ordering and Payment at Their Fingertips

myGEMconnect offers your staff the convenience and control they deserve to check their purchase history while giving your administrative team a break from account management. With real-time data from GEMpay and GEM2go, your staff always has the latest information about their account and meal choices.

With myGEMconnect, employees can:

  • Pay with cashless options
  • View account balances
  • View charges by cycle for
    payroll deduction
    meal plan discounts and
    gift card balances
  • View, print or share receipts
  • Place advanced orders for available timeslots
  • See real-time menu items

Benefits of myGEMconnect

myGEMconnect makes account management for meal plans and ordering a breeze. Here are some reasons why employees and management love myGEMconnect:


  • Employees can access their accounts anytime and anywhere
  • Meal plan administrators spend less time answering employee questions about account balance and history
  • Employees can choose their items, schedule a pick-up time, and pay all from their phone
  • Mobile ordering increases sales and prevents abandoned orders with prepay
  • Employees can use the app on an Apple or Android device and on a browser
  • New features are added automatically; no additional work or fees are required to upgrade

Join the myGEMconnect Revolution

Stay at the front edge of meal management.

Embrace increased sales, reduced abandoned orders, and the ease of automatic updates with no extra fees. myGEMconnect is your all-in-one solution for modern meal management.

Don’t let your facility lag behind. Click below to get a quote or pricing details and start your journey to effortless, efficient meal management today!