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In-Room Patient Dining
GEMserve is a patient dining solution that adopts the best practices from the hospitality industry to simplify the ordering, production and delivery of patient meals.
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Improve Patient Satisfaction

Treat Patients Like Hotel Guests

Treating patients like hotel guests makes them feel special

Serve Patients What They Want

Serving patients what they want improves nourishment and recovery

Improve Patient Perceptions

A more attentive dietary staff improves patient perceptions

Focus On Better Patient Care

Nurses, freed from passing trays, can focus on better patient care

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GEMserve - Improve Patient Satisfaction


GEMserve - Reduce Waste


Reduces the cost of a patient tray by up to 25%


Eliminates lost, wasted and duplicate trays by using room service


Reduces plate waste by serving to patient menu requests


Streamlines inventory requirements by using a "Popular Foods" report


Maximizes kitchen and deliver efficiency by organizing orders in waves

Quality Assurance and Patient Safety

Touch screen POS terminals assure fast, accurate patient orders

Order screens only permit diet compliant menu choices

Automatic alerts are displayed for nutrient and allergens

Safety alerts are customizable on the tray ticket

Kitchen displays prevent lost or misplaced orders and speed turn around time

GEMserve - Quality Assurance
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