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Cashless solutions for your organization
Eliminate the need for cash by conveniently paying for purchases using a simple swipe of an ID badge.

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Ways of using GEMpay

Employee Payroll Deductions

Department Charges

Doctor Billings

Resident Stipends

Gift Cards

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Volunteer Perks

Payments Over Time

Declining Balances

Recurring Charges

And More...

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GEMpay - Uses
GEMpay Advantages

Increases check amounts

Expands employee purchasing power

Promotes retail loyalty through gift cards

Reduces theft risk with less cash handling

Lowers wait times with faster checkouts

And more...

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GEMpay - Advantages

     GEMpay as a Wise Investment     

GEMpay - Convenience

Revenue Growth

GEMpay can increase revenue growth by 30% or more

Flexible Limits

Flexible limits prevent over-spending losses

Web & Mobile Portals

Web and mobile portals allow employees to see their own transaction history

Easy Integration

Easy integration allows for use with many industry-standard POS Platforms, or without a POS

Browser-Based Technology

Browser-based enterprise technology simplifies administration, support and expansion

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