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Web Ordering Solution

GEM2go is a web-based, time-saving, ordering solution that allows employees to easily order online, select delivery or pickup times, and use their payroll account or credit card to pay for their order. It's perfect for Sr. Living, Healthcare, and Business Dining environments. Link to your POS System, or use it as a stand-alone solution.

Features and benefits of GEM2go >

Top Features and Benefits


Menu and price changes
are reflected immediately with GEM2go


Employees can
conveniently order meals online from their desks


Orders can be placed anytime and can schedule pick-up/delivery times up to 7 days in advance


Lines at the registers can be reduced by lessening employee traffic in the retail and transaction areas


Payments can be made at order time, reducing abandoned orders in the kitchen


Revenues can be increased by offering take-out meals to employees


Catering orders can be scheduled and charged seamlessly to the responsible department


Order errors can be minimized because users place their own orders

GEM2go - Top Features
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