myGEMconnect Overview

The myGEMconnect Mobile App from Common CENTS puts the control and management of employees GEMpay account in their hands. Employees now can easily see the balance of their payroll deduction account on their mobile device. It’s the ultimate solution for convenience and helps you save time, and most importantly keeps your employees satisfied.

With myGEMconnect your employees can:

  • View account balances
  • View the last transaction at a glance
  • View actual charges by cycle including
  • payroll deduction
  • meal plan accounts
  • gift card balances
  • View all individual charge receipts by outlet
  • Print, share, or download any of their charge receipts

 Product Benefits

  • Allows employees to manage their account
  • Improves administrative productivity
    • by eliminating calls about payroll deduction charges, receipts, and balance
  • Improves Employee Satisfaction
    • offers modern technology at work
    • something exclusive for hospital staff
    • makes work more fun
  • Increase Sales
    • mobile ordering capabilities for hospital staff
      • will provide staff more choices
      • the convenience of ordering ahead of time
      • offer credit cards
    • Application operates self-sufficiently
      • New features are added automatically; no need to upgrade

Minimum Requirements

  • GEMpay 3.10 or higher
  • Micros 3700 or Simphony platform
  • Micros SIM update for all workstations (no PMS interface)
  • GEMsync Agent installed on customer’s network. Communicates with GEMcloud via port 443
  • iOS or Android device
  • Back office management – IE10+, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser

Getting Started

  • Requires GEMpay v3.10 or higher
  • Contact CCS for initial setup
  • CCS will install all necessary updates.
  • Include:
  • Installing GEMsync Agent for synchronizing receipt data
  • Installed on server (Micros server preferred, but can be on GEM server – ~1 hour install time
  • A minor GEM database update — for archiving receipt data
  • No impact to operations
  • Updating Micros SIM file
  • Needs to be done while closed or during slow/down time – 10-20 min process
  • Publish the app store links (provided by CCS for iOS and Android) to your users
  • Choose a Go-Live date
  • Identify pilot group timeline
  • Identify full facility go-live

Current & Future Features

  • View Account information
  • Transactions
  • Account Balances by Cycle
  • View Transaction information
  • Menu items ordered
  • POS receipt
  • Mobile Meal Ordering – Place meal orders through the mobile app
  • Multiple payment options
  • GEMpay
  • Credit cards
  • Choose custom pick-up times
  • Save favorite orders
  • Signup / Opt into GEMpay payroll deduction
  • Custom signup documents
  • Optional email notification when a user signs up

Typical Usage

  • The employee makes a purchase in the cafeteria using their GEMpay payroll deduction account.
  • GEMpay records the transaction and purchase information.
  • At regular intervals (default = every 5 minutes), GEMpay transaction data is synchronized with the GEMcloud service.
  • An employee uses the myGEMconnect mobile app to view their account balance(s) and recent transactions. Touching a transaction in the app allows the employee to view the receipt details for that transaction. This data is provided to the mobile app via the GEMcloud service

Our Complete Cloud-Based Solution

myGEMconnect is a cloud-based solution from Common CENTS that expands the reach of your payroll deduction solution efficiently and securely. Our hosted solution brings many benefits, including:

  • PCI-compliant transactions processed by CCENTS
  • No hardware to maintain
  • New features are added automatically; no need to upgrade
  • Easy to add additional revenue centers
  • Increase revenue for your retail operations and improve employee satisfaction with myGEMconnect. With 24/7 access to account management, this exceptional mobile experience is sure to have happy employees and drive sales.


GEM2go/myGEMconnect Requirements and Prerequisites


  • GEMpay 3.10 or higher
  • Only accounts with email addresses in GEMpay will be synced to GEM2go/myGEMconnect.

Supported Micros Editions

  • Micros 3700 o Amber 3700 SIM Version 2.50 or higher
  • Simphony Classic (Simphony 1) o Amber Simphony2 SIM Version 1.70 or higher  Simphony (Simphony 2) o Amber Simphony2 SIM Version 2.70 or higher

GEMsync Agent (for both GEM2go and myGEMconnect)

  • Microsoft .NET 4.5 or later.
  • Firewall exceptions to allow outgoing traffic to the following web addresses.

o  ( – Port 443 o  ( – Port 443

  • Firewall exceptions to allow SQL server access to the GEMpay database server. By default, this is on port 1433.
  • If configured with Micros 3700 then it is recommended that GEMsync Agent is installed on the Micros server. If you would like to install on a different computer, then firewall exceptions will need to be added to allow connection to the Micros database. See the section below labeled Configure Firewalls for 3700. If GEMsync agent is installed on another computer, then the SQL Anywhere odd bc driver will need to be installed on that computer. See R&D for the exact version of the odd bc driver to install.
  • If configured with Simphony 2 then it is recommended that GEMsync Agent is installed on the Simphony 2 workstation where transaction services are installed. If you are installing on a different computer, then make exceptions in the firewall to allow SQL server access to the Simphony 2 workstation where transaction services are installed.
  • If configured with Simphony First Edition (Simphony 1) then firewall exceptions should be made to allow SQL server access to the Simphony Classic server.

Legal Information

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