gemserve-headerRoom service dining certainly improves patient satisfaction. But without the right tools, implementing an on-demand patient meal service can be a painful experience for hospitals.

GEMserve encompasses the principles for Lean Process Improvement. We adopt the best practices from the hospitality industry to simplify the ordering, production and delivery of patient meals. It starts with a restaurant-style menu and a hotel-style call center. The hub of GEMserve is a unique, user-friendly “dashboard.” Every patient is registered to a room with medical dietary requirements and personal data clearly profiled. Patients not only get what they want when they want it, but they also get what they need.

GEMserve provides a real-time status on each patient. It tracks when orders have been placed and monitors each tray through the kitchen and to the bedside, verifying patient acceptance. It knows when meals are being missed and alerts dietary staff to take action, even allowing bedside order taking with mobile terminals.

The GEMserve solution offers a level of control, safety and efficiency that satisfies everyone working toward higher patient satisfaction and improved operating performance.

Patient Satisfaction Scores into the 90+ Percentile (Press Ganey)

  • Treating patients like hotel guests makes them feel special
  • Serving patients what they want improves nourishment and improves recovery
  • A more attentive dietary staff improves patient perceptions
  • Nurses, freed from passing trays, focus on better patient care

Patient Tray Cost Reductions up to 25%

  • Room service ordering eliminates lost, wasted, and duplicate trays
  • Serving to patient menu requests reduces plate waste
  • “Popular Foods” report streamlines inventory requirements
  • Organizing orders in production “waves” maximizes kitchen and delivery efficiency

Quality Assurance Through Operating Simplicity

  • Touch screen POS terminals assure fast, accurate patient orders
  • Order screens only permit diet compliant menu choices
  • Automatic nutrient calculations catch allergens and diet restriction excesses
  • Kitchen displays prevent lost or misplaced orders and speed turn around time