GEMpay – Cashless Payroll Deduction


Cashless Control

If patient satisfaction is your goal, it has to start with employee satisfaction. Long ago studies proved that happy employees translate into happy customers and what better way to improve a hospital’s employee attitude than to give them greater meal and break time. But it doesn’t have to mean extending those hours.

GEMpay eliminates the need for cash. Instead employees conveniently pay for their purchases with the simple swipe of their ID badge. This significantly speeds up the checkout in the cafeteria, coffee bar, and other retail outlets to get employees to their tables sooner giving them more time to relax and enjoy these precious periods. But that’s just the beginning of the benefits GEMpay offers.

GEMpay produces those all important revenue gains for hospitals and with each incremental sales dollar, GEMpay generates an exponential improvement in profits. GEMpay’s cashless transactions aren’t limited to just the usual payroll deductions. The system accommodates department charges, doctors’ billings, residents’ on-call monies, and gift cards among others. And GEMpay expands beyond the typical point-of-purchase cash registers to vending machines, self-serve kiosks and even networked personal computers.

In concert with the themes of employee satisfaction and revenue replacement, GEMpay offers add-on modules for Concierge Service and Membership Management to facilitate participation in hospital sponsored programs like a medical spa, fitness club or daycare center.

The GEMpay solution suits everyone’s goal for speed, convenience and revenue. It’s a favorite of employees and management alike. For improving staff productivity, financial earnings, employee goodwill and ultimately patient satisfaction GEMpay is the answer.

Revenue Growth of 30% and More

  • Cashless spending encourages an increased check average
  • Badge payments through payroll deductions expands employee purchasing power
  • Gift and debit cards promote use of the retail facilities
  • Less cash exposure reduces the opportunity for theft loss
  • Cashless checkout is twice as fast as a cash payment
  • Through self-serve kiosks, employees can order without the hassle of waiting in line

System Design and Performance Makes for a Wise Investment

  • Employee credit limits prevent over-spending losses
  • Friendly personal web pages allow employees to query and audit all purchases
  • Payroll withholdings improve the hospital’s internal cash flow
  • Constructed on the industry’s most reliable POS platform minimizes business disruptions
  • Browser-based enterprise technology simplifies administration, support and expansion