Increasingly, healthcare facilities are searching for ways to increase their revenue and boost profits, while providing convenience for their staff. Knowing that time is valuable, healthcare employees are looking for solutions to help them save time. Our web-based meal ordering solution offers remote menu ordering from anywhere there is internet connectivity!

GEM2go defines the complete web-based ordering solution as it seamlessly integrates with MICROS 3700 and GEMpay to handle all monetary transactions! Employees easily order online, select delivery or pick-up, make their online payment and place their order. It’s that simple! Improving your customers’ experience encourages them to return, time and time again. Boost satisfaction and revenue with GEM2go, today!

Fully integrated with Micros POS applications for single system reconciliation

  • Menu Items
  • Pricing
  • Daily Reporting
  • Credit Card Processing

Integrated with GEMpay for electronic purchasing from any employee’s desktop computer

Features and Benefits

  • Menu and price changes reflected immediately with GEM2go
  • Employees conveniently order meals online from their desks
  • Order anytime, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!
  • Less employee traffic in the retail and transaction areas
  • Reduce line queues at registers
  • Payments made at order time, reducing abandoned orders in the kitchen
  • Order in advance, with the ability to specify pick-up/delivery times, up to 7 days in advance
  • Increase revenues by offering take-out meals to employees with minimal effort
  • Schedule catering orders and seamlessly charge to responsible department
  • Minimizes order errors