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Technology, Security, and You

Technology is ever-changing. Keeping your technology and software up to date has never been more important than it is today. From Windows patches to application updates to hardware replacement – it’s a daunting but inescapable task.

One of the greatest risks in the technology landscape today is security. At Common CENTS Solutions, we are conscious of this and do all we can to mitigate the risks for both ourselves and our customers. Some examples include monitoring and patching our firewalls and infrastructure regularly, updating Windows OS servers and versions, running internal and external penetration scans, and holding regular training sessions for our staff. Just keeping up with all of the essential updates requires focus, planning, and diligence.

Some examples – in January of this year, Microsoft discontinued all support for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2. What does this mean? It means that Microsoft is no longer delivering any updates for this operating system, including important and critical security patches. This has the potential to impact not only a specific server but other devices and servers connected to your network as well.

To maintain the greatest level of security, performance, and peace of mind, it is highly recommended that servers with these operating systems be upgraded as soon as possible.

Microsoft SQL Server is another product that has several versions approaching the end of support. SQL Server 2008 support ended on 7/9/2019, and SQL Server 2012 support ends on 7/12/2022. Migration to newer versions is typically not that difficult and is highly recommended to minimize your security risk and provide greater stability and functionality.

Common CENTS Solutions is here to assist with your security tasks. Whether it is Windows Server 2008, or SQL Server, or hardware replacement needs, we can help. At the same time, we can also upgrade your GEM software to our latest versions, adding valuable new features, stronger security, and better performance for end-users. And for all moves and upgrades, we always work with you and your staff to minimize the potential impact and downtime.

Please contact our Sales team today to get your upgrade or security review scheduled, or for more information.


Russ Bishop

Chief Security Officer

VP of Product Development

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