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Announcing Our New President

I am extremely excited to announce that Russ Bishop will be taking over the helm of Common CENTS Solutions as the new leader, president and GM. As part of my new role as Group Leader within the Constellation Software family, I have been working closely with Russ on business operations and strategy to ensure a smooth transition. Over the years Russ has proven to be the go-to person for CCS, leading with grace and intellect yet understanding that everyone’s contribution to the organization’s goals is critical to our success.

Russ has always had a passion for technology, writing software and developing tools to enhance the performance and functionality of our products. In 2000, Russ joined the CCS team as a contract developer and was instrumental in creating and developing the next generation of our cashless solution, GEMpay. Beginning in 2003, the birth of the idea of GEMserve happened and Russ has been instrumental over the years in creating the product it is today. From 2005 to 2014 Russ’ journey included a promotion to Senior Software Developer with a focus on the continuation of enhancing and building the GEM suite of products, and working with customers and the team to create the best product available on the market.

In 2014, he became the Director of R&D, taking over the entire development strategy and department. In this new role he continued to develop his leadership skills and kept abreast of changing technologies to meet the future needs of our customers. In 2017, Russ was promoted to VP of R&D and shortly after that added to his title, Chief Security Officer. From 2017 onward, Russ has been part of the senior leadership of CCS and has been invaluable in making the company what it is today.

Over the years Russ has proven again and again that there is no challenge too big or too small. I’m confident that Russ will continue to build and grow the CCS team and our suite of products. Please join me in congratulating Russ on this promotion.

-Sue Lyle

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