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ITWERCS And Common CENTS™ Solutions Merger

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

In January of 2021, Point of Sale Enterprise, LLC (aka ITWERCS) merged with Common CENTS Solutions, Inc. with the intent to continue the support and development of the ITWERCS solutions. ITWERCS POS and ITWERCS ENTERPRISE have been rolled into the Common CENTS™ Solutions portfolio of products. ITWERCS POS has been rebranded as GEMpos POS and GEMpos ENTERPRISE. The ITWERCS Team application and site will eventually be rebranded as GEMpos Team.

While the URL “” will continue to function, we will be introducing the new URL of




Main company URL


Knowledge Base





Employee Portal

*We will communicate more as the URL changes are implemented in the coming days.

Updated Support Contact Information

There is now a new support contact button. This information can be modified in Organization Management. The information from this section is used to populate support information on all workstations.

Kiosk Mode

GEMpos now contains a new Kiosk Mode feature. By placing a GEMpos terminal into Kiosk Mode, guests can ring up and pay out a check themselves.

POS Screen Types

GEMpos now has a [screen] “Navigation Type” setting. This will default navigation and options in GEMpos POS, making setup and configuration easier. By default, this value is set to “Table Service”.

There is also a new setting called “Cafeteria” which will remove options that have to do with Tables and Tips. More options will be added in the future.


GEMpos can now ring up items with a negative quantity and a payment for a negative amount. This feature is intended to facilitate specific refund situations that may occur in your operation. This functionality must be turned on in POS Settings.

KDS Improvement

The following improvements have been made regarding KDS functionality:

  • Auto serve Items

    • Marks items that will be automatically set as “Served” such as beverages.

  • Label Printers for Item Labels

    • Prints individual item labels that can be placed on to-go packaging.

Check Review

  • Check Review now allows searching by credit card number.

Menu Events (coming soon)

  • Create recurring events with screen sets and menu item availability. This allows you to change menu item availability and screen sets automatically based upon configured schedules.

Inventory Count Improvements

  • Enter a code using a barcode scanner

    • Use a simple wireless barcode scanner to automatically add items and counts are added to the count sheet.

  • Update inventory item cost in the count

    • Requires permissions to allow the user to make the changes.

Online Ordering Improvements

  • New settings to control which lead through groups, lead through group items, and modifiers are now available on the POS for Online Ordering.

    • There can now be lead through questions, options, and modifiers that are specific to the POS or Online Ordering or Kiosk or any combination of the three.

Site Menu Item Assignments

  • A new form will be available in GEMpos ENTERPRISE that will allow sites to assign and unassign items specifically for their location. This feature can be limited to only select Price Groups. For example, stores can be given the ability to assign and unassign drinks to their drink menu.

Shift4 Integration

  • Shift4 is now an option for credit processing.


The following reports have been added or updated:

  • Tip Distribution

    • Use “Tip Distribution” to properly distribute the tips collected based on the hours each team member worked. This is useful when multiple employees are taking credit payments using the same POS Login.

  • Tips by Destination

  • Menu Item barcode and/or pricing labels

    • Print barcode stickers that can used for ringing up items using a barcode scanner.

  • Price Change History Report

  • Sales Mix Custom

    • Limit the sales mix to specific categories or items

    • Option for consolidated or site totals



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