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GEMpos 2022 Quarter 2 Update

Updated: May 2, 2022

Stand-Alone Mode

The new Stand-Alone option supports a single node install without a site controller.

Multi-Action POS Menu Buttons

There are new action options for menu buttons.

  • Order item

  • Go to screen

  • Set quantity

  • Add discount

  • Add service change

Buttons can have more than one action. For example:

  • Ring up an item and go to another screen.

  • Set the quantity to 2 and ring up an item.

  • Add a discount with an item.

See this Knowledge Base article for more information.

Elavon Payments

Elavon Simply is now added to the growing list of credit card processors that GEMpos supports.

Here is our current list:

  • Card Connect

  • Datacap

  • FreedomPay

  • Global Payments

  • Shift4

Olo Payment Mapping

Credit cards and gift cards can now be mapped to specific GEMpos tenders by site.

See this Knowledge Base article for more information.

Olo Fire Times

GEMpos will now allow olo to send down fire times.

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Consistent sort order of order items on KDS

  • Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V support on Screen Set designer

  • Improved support for customer and pole displays

  • Auto-refresh on the Download form

  • Display next occurrence date for Menu Events

  • Can edit start and end times in Menu Item Availability grid

  • Added display name for GEM2go screens

  • Added option to search menu items by bar codes

  • All system emails now come from and


GEMpay API is a new and improved GEMpay on GEMpos integration. GEMpay handles features such as:

  • Payroll purchase deduction

  • House accounts

  • Gift Cards

  • Loyalty


  • Lead Through Group Report

  • Special Instructions by site

  • Online Screen Set detail report

Knowledge Base

Our new knowledge base continues to grow with new articles added every week. Want to know how to add an automatic cash discount or how to edit a menu item? Find these answers and more by visiting our new knowledge base at

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