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GEMpay and Offline Charging

The GEMpay solution provides the convenience and speed of contactless, cashless transactions for employees, doctors, residents, departments and more. Not only is eliminating the need to carry cash convenient for users, it also increases the average check size, and reduces the opportunity for loss due to theft.

With these things in mind, imagine the inconvenience and operational difficulties that can occur when the GEMpay system is offline for some reason. Lower revenues, unhappy customers, and an overall increase in stress are likely to be the result.

Common CENTS™ can help with our new and improved offline charging feature for GEMpay. This feature allows for basic offline charging when the GEMpay server is offline or unreachable due to network or connectivity issues. Charges are queued on the POS workstation until a connection is re-established with the GEMpay server. At that time, all offline charges are automatically posted to GEMpay.

Supported operations include the following:

  • Standard online charge (payroll deduction)

  • Meal plan charges

Offline charging requires the POS SIM module. Minimum supported SIM versions are:

  • 3700 – v3.08

  • Simphony Classic – v2.03

  • Simphony Standard & Enterprise – v3.07

This feature is available with GEMpay 4.0 or higher.

Contact our Customer Success team for more information:


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