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Employee Spotlight - Justin Moore

Justin is very familiar with the hospital industry. Both of his parents were in the medical field, so he grew up hearing them talk about various situations, lab tests, and other medical conditions. It has helped him, especially over the past five years as our Interface Engineer, as he integrates our software with various HL7 systems throughout the country. He also assists in system implementations and upgrades for our GEMserve product. Being able to combine I.T. with healthcare on a level that impacts the health of individuals is what he loves most about his job. To him, it is rewarding to know that what he does every day is a help to someone in need. His favorite hobby is using his creativity with automobiles. Anything from building an engine to extensive detailing, he loves taking a car, working on it and eventually presenting it at a car show for people to see. Running his own I.T. support business in the past has also taught him how to help people understand technology and what it can do to enrich their lives to make them more successful.

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