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Custom User Fields

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

GEMpay and GEMliving provide robust solutions for various cashless operations, including payroll deduction, department charging, resident meal plan management, gift cards, and pay-over-time payments. We are excited to announce the recent release of version 4.20. This new version includes several useful enhancements, including Custom User Fields. The release also includes some bug fixes, including several related to reporting and exporting.

Custom User Fields

One exciting new enhancement add up to four user-defined fields for each account in the system. These fields include the ability to customize the display name and can be used throughout the system, including at the POS screen when needed. This is especially useful in a table-service environment, as it adds the ability to display diet information, health information, and user preferences. Improving the connection with the customer and increasing satisfaction are primary goals for this new feature.

Contact our sales team for more information or to schedule a demo.


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