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COVID-19 Temperature Tracking

Do you have a need to scan, record, and report on employee temperatures due to the current COVID-19 situation? Using your existing GEMpay product, the new GEMterminal add-on could be the perfect tool for the task. GEMterminal runs on any modern web browser and allows you to scan an employee badge and record the corresponding temperature in your GEMpay system. Temperature data can then be viewed using the Temperature Report, or it can be exported to Excel for evaluation and use with other systems.

Features include:

· Runs on any tablet, laptop, or PC using the Google Chrome browser

· Configurable to track different entry doors or locations

· Secure – requires user login

· Links to existing employee records in GEMpay

· Optional hardware available – tablet, tablet stand, badge reader/scanner

Contact our sales team to see a demo or for more information:


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