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A New Standard in Room Service Delivery Tracking.
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Common CENTS Solutions continues to pioneer patient room service with the announcement of GEMtrak. This GEMserve add-on module improves the management of the labor component of room service by capturing tray arrivals at patient rooms and measuring the intervals between tray deliveries.
Not only does the system track delivery times, but GEMtrak ensures patient safety by validating the delivery of the proper tray to the proper patient. Even better news, GEMtrak is fully integrated with your GEMserve application, meaning this tracking information syncs real-time onto your dashboard to complete the entire meal process.

Features + Benefits

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Available on iOS & Android for Convenient Use

Assign Orders to Carts & Gather Operations Reports


Touchless Solution to Ensure Patient Safety


Complete Monitoring Patient Diet, Nutrition & Consumption

Track If Patient Meal Was Undeliverable & Why


Timely Meal Delivery to Increase Patient Satisfaction

GEMserve is a patient dining solution that adopts the best practices from the hospitality industry to simplify the ordering, production and delivery of patient meals.

Maximize Processes

Maximize kitchen and deliver efficiency by organizing orders in waves

Reduce Costs

Reduce the cost of a patient tray by 25% and eliminate food waste

Optimize Patient Care

Free your nurses from passing trays to focus on better patient care

Improve Perceptions

A more attentive dietary staff improves overall patient satisfaction

What is GEMserve?

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