Senior Living

How We Can Help

CCS-Markets-Senior-LivingThe resident-friendly choice for retirement communities

To maintain a vibrant and happy retirement community in a profitable way requires astute but transparent management of resident activities. Common CENTS® Solutions’ GEMliving System offers you the ability to connect better with your residents while simultaneously reducing your operating costs. While we improve your management controls, our real benefit is in improving the community’s atmosphere by focusing on resident-centered care.

Process orders faster while managing diet concerns

We begin with accountability in the dining room, lounge, snack bar and other retail venues with a best practice point-of-service solution from MICROS® Systems Inc. Take orders tableside with handheld terminals, wirelessly send them to the kitchen for preparation and notify the waitstaff instantly when the order is ready. Our GEMliving system can even monitor your residents’ menu choices to enable staff to alert them when their orders differ from the dietary guidelines their doctors want them to follow.

Prevent loss of entitled POS revenues

As an authorized MICROS® dealer, we combine our POS expertise with a convenient method to assure that all proper POS revenues are captured—allowing for any free or contracted meals first, but processing the tender for the others by cash, credit card or charge backs to the resident’s account. Even unqualified portions of meals, like alcohol, can be automatically segregated from the “given” meals to protect entitled revenue.

Seamlessly orchestrate guest services, like transportation, room service and more.

And beyond the POS, our GEMliving concierge module offers a convenient way for residents to request and schedule services outside the realm of the retail outlet. These services could be as simple as transportation to the grocery store or as complex as renovating an apartment. Regardless, it is all managed, tracked, delegated and charged seamlessly through the program. And a particularly well-liked aspect of GEMliving is our module for hotel-style Room Service, which offers a manageable method to provide meals to residents too ill to visit the dining room or who prefer on occasion to eat in.

Achieve more efficiency with detailed record keeping

GEMliving produces a wealth of information as a natural byproduct of its operation. Document in detail all the resident’s charges at the end of the month and either bill directly from GEMliving or port the information into your preferred accounting system. Collect sales facts to enable you to tailor your menus for popular choices and replenish your inventory in an efficient just-in-time manner.

Spend less time on daily tasks and more time focused on your residents

GEMliving helps you manage your daily tasks, so you can focus on what is most important—your residents. From our cashless point of sale services, concierge services and room delivery services, Common CENTS® Solutions enlivens your residents’ experience!9