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The healthy choice for hospital foodservice

With the advent of government healthcare reform, hospitals have had to advance their business acumen. Updating foodservice systems for patients, employees and patrons is an important step: Once-drab cafeterias are becoming vibrant restaurants with plentiful choices, conjured up by an executive chef. Patients are more and more treated as guests, eating what and when they choose from a hotel-style menu. But this new way of business brings new operational challenges.

As healthcare and hospitality merge, the smartest choice is MICROS® and Common CENTS® Solutions. At Common CENTS® Solutions, we anticipated this progression and set out to help hospitals embrace this new way of business with an easy-to-use, versatile system. Our foodservice solutions help you:

  • Improve patient, guest and employee satisfaction
  • Quickly master a system that feels familiar and user-friendly
  • Run your department in a “LEAN” and efficient manner
  • Work faster with less waste
  • Improve financial accountability
  • See a prompt return on investment
  • Avoid technical interruptions with proven, reliable technology

A new way of thinking about foodservice software

Unlike most foodservice system developers, Common CENTS® didn’t attempt to retrofit hospitality features into dated legacy software architecture. Instead, we started fresh, using the world’s most effective hospitality platform, MICROS®, as a foundation. Then, we added all the healthcare elements hospitals like yours would need for superior compliance and management—all in an intuitive, browser-based application that’s as easy to use as the Internet itself. aasad

Learn more about our GEM Application Series

Delve into the genius of Common CENTS® Solutions. Read and learn of the innovative approach we’ve taken with our GEM Application Series – GEMcents, GEMpay and GEMserve. Then see the systems for yourself.