e-cert-headere-Certificates is as practical for any restaurant as it is for non-commercial foodservice outlets. e-Certificates is an Internet ready, enterprise wide gift card solution that restaurants and non-commercial operations can host themselves, thereby eliminating those never-ending banking and transaction fees of traditional gift card solutions.

Gift card is the surrogate name for this GEM module. e-Certificates can be a generic gift card sold at the point-of-sale, a stored value card to replace a paper gift certificate or a separate debit account assigned to an existing employee’s GEMpay account.

From inexpensive bar-coded paper stock, to traditional plastic magnetic cards, to futuristic proximity key fobs or even smart cards, e-Certificates can accommodate all levels of affordability and sophistication. If you want convenience for your customer without sacrificing your profit margins, then Common CENTS makes perfect sense.

Benefits and Beyond

  • Internet ready, enterprise wide Gift Card solution
  • Serve as your own host, no transaction fees
  • Any card media: bar code, magnetic, proximity, smart card
  • Sell, Activate, Redeem, Revalue, and Inquire at the POS
  • Activate multiple cards with one payment
  • Activate cards in any denomination or as an open amount
  • Allow or restrict use by account type, POS venue or other variables
  • Transactions tracked by property for funds transfers
  • Redeem with fast gift card tender
  • Include optional tip addition before check close
  • Programmed charge down for inactive account balances
  • Perform instantaneous balance inquiries right from the POS
  • Customers can query their secure account through the Internet
  • CCS configuration audits, training, and 24/7 support

Make it easy for your customers to patronize your restaurant, cafeteria or specialty kiosk. Make it predictable that you retain repeat business. Make it affordable to implement and operate. Make it e-Certificates from Common CENTS Solutions.