With today’s hectic lifestyle, the need for convenience and speed is on demand when hunger strikes. Vending machines allow customers to grab a quick bite while on the go, but searching for the right amount of change can be a hassle or prevent customers from shopping. With GEMvend, customers will stop searching pockets for coins and simply swipe their badge/ID to make their purchase.

Purchases will be posted to the corresponding payroll deduction account, debit account, resident account or meal plan. There’s no longer a need to have cash on hand! Feel at ease knowing your customers can rely on this streamlined vending solution and depend on GEMvend to manage their discretionary accounts.

Benefits and Beyond

  • Increased sales of 10-15% are expected
  • Multiple purchases with one card swipe
  • Real time posting to GEMpay for review through GEMdesktop (account review portal)
  • Easy back office reconciliation through GEMpay
  • Less exposure due to less cash handling
  • Potential for shared costs with vending supplier


  • Add on to GEMpay cashless application
  • Ethernet based connectivity to each vending machine
  • Standard 110v power required for controller (installed inside each machine)
  • MDB Interface equipped vending machines required
  • Use existing employee badges or resident ID’s
  • Wireless options available