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CCS-Markets-Business-DiningThe prudent choice for business

Imagine increasing revenues, reducing costs and adding employee benefits all at the same  time, just by updating your hospitality services. It’s simple with Common CENTS® Solutions and our GEM series of applications for the corporate world.

Customized solutions to fit your company’s operations

GEM is an enhanced concept in corporate hospitality and dining services. We start with the most advanced and trusted name in hospitality point of sale, MICROS Systems Inc. MICROS is recognized the world over for their advanced POS technology, reliability and management control. As an Authorized MICROS Dealer, we can tailor a point of sale solution to speed your cafeteria line, account for each revenue dollar and regulate every aspect of your foodservice operation—sales, cash, inventory and customer service.

A robust return on investment in employee foodservice

Our GEM series of applications was developed with the insight gained from Common CENTS® Solutions’ 20 years of experience in the non-commercial foodservice arena. GEMcents perfects your POS processes. GEMpay compliments your POS with cashless purchasing for added employee convenience and spending power, as well as reduced transaction times and cash exposure. Our GEMserve offers the opportunity to take orders and deliver meals right to the employee’s workspace. Include our GEMkiosk for self service and GEM2go for Web ordering, and any business has all the tools needed to make their investment in employee foodservice pay off.

An easier way to advance employee satisfaction

We even go beyond these beneficial systems to further advance your employees’ satisfaction. Our Concierge module enables you to provide chargeable services to assist employees in balancing their work responsibilities with their need to tend to life’s errands. And our Membership Management module allows you to facilitate participation in company-sponsored programs, like a day care, fitness center or country club.

A favorite choice for employees and management alike

Common CENTS® Solutions and its GEM application series suits everyone’s goal for speed, convenience and profits. It’s a favorite of employees and management alike. For improving staff productivity, financial earnings and employee goodwill, the answer is Common CENTS® Solutions.